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I provide a personalised 3-step process for producing voice-over work for clients, ensuring they get exactly
what they need, on time, to the highest standard. I've worked with some of the biggest names in the industry to produce quality work for TV, radio, podcasts
, and more.

Give your project a voice


Consultation and Project Discovery

During our consultation, we will be able to outline every detail of your project, tailor the approach to your specific needs, and come up with a project plan that meets your desired outcomes. At this stage, we agree aspects like budget, timescales, and any additional services. A full project specification will be issued.


Trust me to bring your vision to life and create a voice-over that will capture your audience's attention.



Following project discovery, it's now time to record! Clients have the option for a free demo recording to judge aspects like tone and pace. Once agreed, clients then have two options.

1. We can conduct a live directed session to guide recording and ensure clients get exactly what they want in real-time. 

2. A self-recorded session. Using details from the project discovery phase, I will conduct a self recorded session from our purpose-built and professionally assessed home studio, and deliver within agreed timescales.


Service Name

Once recording is complete, it's now time for presentation of the final piece. Clients have the opportunity to assess the recording and, once satisfied, pass the project for payment.

Any pick-ups are included at this stage as agreed in the project discovery. More extensive revisions may require additional fees. For full terms relating to script additions, alterations, or further pick-ups, please see The Small Print section.

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